[ Attraction ] Top 10 spots in Bussels.

10 spots you have to visit of Brussels

Brussels’ in French is Bruxelles which is the capital of Belgium also known as the European Capital, for it is the location of the European Union headquarters.

They said Brussels is the most boring city in Europe, which don’t expect Brussels will makes you have an excellent experience, and you just need to spend in half a day to visit it. But honestly I don’t think so.

In fact, there are many attractions, which it takes at least one day to complete your plan of visiting. Now I want to share some spots that you have to visit when you visit Brussels.


他們說,布魯塞爾是歐洲最無聊的城市,不要指望布魯塞爾會在那兒擁有出色的體驗,而且您只需要花半天的時間就可以參觀布魯塞爾。 但是我不這麼認為。

實際上,有很多景點,至少需要一天的時間才能完成您的遊覽計劃。 現在,我想分享一些您訪問布魯塞爾時必須參觀的景點。

1. Grand Place

Brussels’ main square is made up by numerous impressive guild houses, which it known as  the most beautiful square in the world that is described by Hugo who is the famous french novelist. 

As you can see it surrounded by many guild hoses which is Hotel de Ville, Maison du Roi, Maison des Ducs de Brabant, Le Pigeon, Le Renard, Le Cornet and Le Roy d’Espagne, respectively.


如你所見,它周圍環繞著許多公會軟管,分別是Hotel de Ville,Maison du Roi,Maison des Ducs de Brabant,Le Pigeon,Le Renard,Le Cornet和Le Roy’d’Espagne。

If you’re interested in architecture, then you can take a closer look at the each roof, which there is a statue on it. Thence you will realize the subtleties of European architecture that is a fantastic carved stone and bronze. 

如果你對建築很感興趣,那你可以仔細查看每個屋頂,上面有一個雕像。 因此,你會知道到歐洲建築的精妙之處,那就是奇妙的石材和青銅雕刻。


*Metro : Bourse, lines 3 and 4.

*Tram : Bourse, lines 31, 32 and 33.

*Bus : Bourse, lines 48 and 95; Gare Centrale, lines 38, 65, 71 and 86.

2. Everard t’Serclaes

Just off La Grand Place is the bronze statue of Everard t’Serclaes, which is famous for bringing good luck to those who touch its arm. Everard was Lord of Kruikenburg and was killed during the fifteenth century while defending Brussels.

在大廣場(La Grand Place)附近是Everard t’Serclaes的青銅雕像,以為碰手臂的人帶來好運而聞名。 埃弗拉德(Everard)是克魯肯堡(Kruikenburg)的國王,在15世紀捍衛布魯塞爾時被殺。


3. Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis was is one of the most representative of Brussels, designed in 1388.

it originally serving as the means by which many Bruxellois received water. It is a small bronze statue that measures 50 cm and represents a small naked boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. It is located in the old part of town, between rue de L’Étuve and rue Chene, next to the Grand Place. 

There are three stories of Manneken Pis, which the first one is the little boy put out a fire with his tinkle, thus saving the city from being burnt down; the second is that during a battle in Ransbeke the two-year-old Lord (Duke Godfrey III of Leuven) was hung from a tree in a basket to bring his troops luck while they fought against the enemies and from there he urinated on the enemy troops and they lost the battle; the third is the son of a noble abandoned a procession to urinate on the wall of a witch’s house. Angered by his action, the witch transformed him into a statue.

Therefore the Manneken Pis has become of the most important landmarks in Brussels, Actually Peeing Pi is very mini, which it’s only 53 cm that you probably will neglect it by a bunch of people who standing there for take pictures.


它最初是許多布魯塞爾接收水的手段。這是一尊小銅像,長50厘米,代表一個小裸男在小便池裡撒尿。它位於小鎮的老城區,在rue de L’Étuve和rue Chene之間,毗鄰大廣場。




4. Galeries St. Hubert

After admiring the architecture of the Grand Place in Brussels, you can come to the Galeries Royales St. Hubert, which there are boutiques, chocolates and excellent restaurants.  This arcade was designed in 1847 making them the first glazed shopping arcade in Europe, and today they are still among the most impressive and elegant.

Honestly, I’m not like this arcade so much, that as you can see lots of rubbish in there of picture; therefore, I only took one photo in there and leave without to take a look inside of any store…

在欣賞了布魯塞爾大廣場的建築之後,你可以來到皇家聖休伯特畫廊,那裡有精品店,巧克力和一流的餐廳。 這座拱廊的設計始於1847年,是歐洲第一個上釉的購物拱廊,如今仍然是最令人印象深刻且優雅的。

老實說,我不太喜歡這個購物拱廊,因為從照片裡,你就可以看到很多垃圾。 因此,我只在那兒拍了一張照片,就沒有走進裡面的店裡看看了。


*Address :  Galerie du Roi 5, 1000 Brussel

*Hours :   24 hr

5. Cathédrale des Sts Michel et Gudule

This Cathédrale des Saint Michel et Gudule is one of the most important monuments in Brussels, which it was built in a Gothic style at the beginning of the thirteenth century on the foundations of a Romanesque church established in the eleventh century. The actual cathedral took 300 hundred years to complete. It is perfectly conserved because between 1983 and 1989 it was completely restored.

I spend some time admiring the cathedral from the inside rather than from the outside. The character style of the stained glass windows is very modern and I appreciate the details, which I wouldn’t believe it was restored in 1989.

這座聖米歇爾教堂和古杜勒大教堂是布魯塞爾最重要的古蹟之一,它在十三世紀初以哥特式風格建造,建立於十一世紀的羅馬式教堂的基礎上。 實際的大教堂用了300多年的時間才完成。 它是完全保存的,因為在1983年至1989年之間已完全恢復。

我花了一些時間欣賞大教堂的內部。 彩色玻璃窗的字體非常現代,我超喜歡裡面的細節,完全不敢相信他是在1989年進行修復的。


*Address : Place Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Bruxelles

*Hours :

                  Mon – Fri 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

                  Sat 7:30 AM – 15:30PM

                  Sun 2PM – 6 PM

6. Parc de Bruxelles

The old royal hunting grounds, the Parc de Bruxelles, also known as the Royal Park, is one of the principal leisure spaces used by the residents of the city

The Parc de Bruxelles is also known as the Royal Park that It is the largest urban park in the center of Brussels. Although it’s not comparable in size to Hyde Park in London nor Tuileries Garden in Paris, it is where many Belgians and foreigners go to relax and go for a stroll.

古老的皇家狩獵場-布魯塞爾公園(Parc de Bruxelles)也被稱為皇家公園,是該市居民使用的主要休閒場所之一。

布魯塞爾公園也被稱為皇家公園,它是布魯塞爾市中心最大的城市公園。 儘管它的大小無法與倫敦的海德公園(Hyde Park)或巴黎的杜樂麗花園(Tuileries Garden)相提並論,但許多比利時人和外國人還是在這裡放鬆身心並散步。


*Address : Place Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Bruxelles

*Hours :

                  Mon – Sun 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

7. Palais Royal de Bruxelles

Although it’s been more than a century since the Belgian royal family lived in it, the Royal Palace of Brussels remains the headquarters of the Belgian constitutional monarchy. But the palace has not been the official royal residence since 1831, when KIng of Belgium decided to move to the Royal Palace of Laeken, in which the outskirts of Brussels.

The Royal Palace of Brussels is not like the Buckingham Palace of London has eremony of changing guard, but you can enjoy the buliding to see how magnificent is, which the construction of the Palace began at the beginning of the nineteeth centurty. However, if you want to visit inside, then you can come here in summer that you can visit the beautiful dwelling where you will be able to explore the room. I was visiting Brussels in spring that I couldn’t visit inside of palace, which I only took picture of outside buliding.

比利時王室居住至今已有一個多世紀,但布魯塞爾皇宮仍然是比利時君主立憲制的總部。 但是自1831年比利時國王決定搬遷至布魯塞爾郊區的萊肯皇家宮殿以來,宮殿就不再是官方的皇家住所。

布魯塞爾皇宮並不像倫敦的白金漢宮有換崗的儀式,但是您可以欣賞一下這座建築的壯麗之處,這座宮殿的建造始於90世紀初。 如果你想參觀內部,那可可以在夏天來到這裡,參觀內部,我想一定是會很壯觀的。 我在春天訪問布魯塞爾時,無法在宮殿內參觀,所以我只在外面照相。


*Address :  Rue Brederode 16, 1000 Bruxelles

*Hours :  

                   7/23 – 8/25

                   Tue – Sun 10:30 AM – 5 PM

*Ticket :  Free

8. Atomium

What’s symbol that representate paris? I guarantee you that you will say Eiffel Tower in first place, which this Atomium become the image of the Belgain capital; it designed as the symbol and principal pavilion of the Brussels World Fair in 1958.

It reminded me of the chemistry class in high school which it was like a bad dream for me, that I always can’t understand what is the atomium. Except this nightmare, I still like this architecture that I believe it was not easy to build it.

Inside of this atomium, there are permanent and temporary exhibitions inside each sphere. Among the permanent exhibitions it is worth highlighting the 1958 Expo one, featuring documents, videos, photos and much more, and in the top sphere there is a restaurant.

代表巴黎的是什麼建築呢? 我想你應該會說艾菲爾鐵塔,相對,而這座原子塔就是比利時首都的形象。 它被設計為1958年布魯塞爾世界博覽會的標誌和主要展館。

它使我想起了高中化學課,這對我來說就像一個噩夢,我始終無法理解什麼是原子。 除了這一噩夢,我仍然喜歡這種建築,因為我在建構的時候,肯定不容易。

在這個原子室內,每個球體內都有永久性和臨時性展覽。 在永久性展覽中,值得一提的是1958年世博會,其中包括文件,視頻,照片等等,並且在頂層還有一間餐廳。


*Address : Square de l’Atomium, 1020 Bruxelles

*Hours :  

                  Mon – Sun 10 AM – 6 PM 

                  Restaurant Mon – Sun 10 AM – 11 PM

*Ticket :

                 Adults: €
                 Seniors (over 65): € 13
                 Students, Children (taller than 115cm and younger than 17): € 8
                 Children (smaller than 115 cm tall): free entry

9. Mont de Arts.

Situated between the Place Royale and the Grand Place, the Mont des Arts connects downtown with uptown Brussels. The Mont des Arts is a little garden, which it won’t spend too much time in here. But the view in front of you is definitely mesmerizing, especially captivating around the sunset.

Mont des Arts位於皇家廣場和大廣場之間,將市區與布魯塞爾上城區連接起來。藝術山是一個小花園,在這裡不會花費太多時間。但是,眼前的風景絕對令人著迷,尤其是日落時分。


10. Parc du Cinquantenaire

The Cinquantenaire and its park are a too often overlooked tourist attraction, but it’s one of the most representative buildings in Brussels.

The palace and arch were built to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the independent state of Belgium. Presently, the building houses three museums: Autoworld, the Royal Military Museum and the Cinquantenaire Museum.

That’s too shamed that this time I only spend one day in Brussels, which I don’t have too much time that allow me to go inside to visit those museums.


建造宮殿和拱門是為了紀念比利時獨立國五十週年。 目前,該建築擁有三個博物館:汽車世界,皇家軍事博物館和五十週年紀念博物館。



To be honest, if you compare the Brussels with other big cities, such as london, paris and Amsterdam etc, then it’s relatively boring. But the original style of each city is totally different, which I hope you will have a happy trip in Brussels.

老實說,如果將布魯塞爾與倫敦,巴黎和阿姆斯特丹等其他大城市進行比較,那會比較無聊。 但是每個城市的原始風格完全不同,希望你在布魯塞爾過得愉快。

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