[ Attraction ] From the top to see the Singapore.

To see the city from the top.

If you have read my article brfore, then you may know I love to see the city from the top when I go abroad, which today I am going to share the best place to see Singapore. 

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Marina Bay Sands

If you want to see Singapore’s most invincible and beautiful night view, then I think the sky garden observation deck on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands is the best chose.

To be honest, the accommodation cost of Marina Bay Sands is too expensive for me, which I didn’t to live in there; therefore, I only buy the ticket of the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck (Sands skypark).

I recommended to come up in the evening, you can take many pictures of the day and night.

如果你想欣賞新加坡最無敵和美麗的夜景,那麼我認為濱海灣金沙(Marina Bay Sands)57層的空中花園觀景台是最佳選擇。

如果你認為濱海灣金沙酒店的住宿費用過於昂貴,但你想去酒店的頂層欣賞風景,可以考慮購買一張進入濱海灣金沙空中公園觀景台(Sands skypark)的門票。


I bought the ticket from the 

我是從 Get your guide 買的票

After you bought the ticket, you will receive this E-ticket that you have to scan this bar code before you into the entrance.

你購買完成後,會收到這個電子票; 然而,在進入入口之前,您必須先掃描此條形碼。

Once you arrive at the Marina Bay Sands, you will see the arrow of emtrance that guide you to the right entrance of Sands Sky Park.  


This is entrance.


There is a counter where you can buy tickets right away.

Follow the arrow, after swiping the barcode of the e-ticket, you can take the elevator to the skypark.



After you arrive at the 57 floor, just follow the arrow, you will see the amazing  scenery.


After coming up, there is an introduction picture, telling you what the scenery and architecture are


Skyscraper 摩天輪

Garden by the Bay 濱海灣花園

Finance area 金融區

In here, I just can’t stop to take a photo of it. lol

My pictures can’t do enough justice how wonderful the place is in reality. Sky Garden is definitely worth a visit as you can get a fantastic view over London for free plus it’s a very relaxed environment up there with lots of seats and cosy spots.




*Telephone :  +65 6688 8826

*Address : Marina Bay Sands Singapore

*Hours : Mon- Thur 09:30 am – 8pm;

                Fri – Sun 0am – 11pm

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