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[ Attraction ] Kerry Park – The best place where you can see the Seattle’s Scenery.

Seattle scenery

When you want to see the whole scenery of a city, I believe you will go to the high-place, it probably would be a mountain or a building. I alreadly wrote about some good places for enjoy the view of city in Athens, Paris,  London and Singapore. Therefore, today I want to share this place that you can see amazing view of Seattle.

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當你想查看城市的整體風光時,我相信你會去到高處,有可能是高山或建築物。 然而,我已經寫了一些關於欣賞雅典,巴黎,倫敦和新加坡城市風景的好地方。 因此,今天我想分享這個地方,你’可以看到西雅圖的壯麗景色。

If you don’t want to spend money to the top of Space Needle to see the city view of Seattle, then I strangly suggest that the Kerry Park is the best place to see it for free.  Kerry Park is a good place where the couple can leave a wonderful memories , which you can see lot of couples in there.


Kerry Park is actually a small park in a high-end residential area. Due to the high terrain, many people who want to shoot the Space Needle will come here to take pictures. However it is a community-based park, it is not accessible by public transportation, which it must be reached by car.

Kerry Park 其實是在高級住宅區裡的小公園,由於地勢較高,所以許多想要拍攝太空針塔的人,都會來這邊取景。因為它是屬於社區型的公園,所以沒有大眾交通工具可以到,必須以汽車的方式到達。

Night view


*Telephone :  (206) 684-4075

*Address : 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119

*Hours : Mon- Sun 06 am – 10 pm

*Website :

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