[ Attraction ]Fantastic Red Beach in Santorini, Greece

Fantastic Red Beach

Red Beach Santorini – One of the most recognizable and beautiful of the Santorini beaches in my mind. The contrasting colors of soaring red cliffs are spectacular and amazing, while the ocean is clear and blue waters combine to make a perfect setting. This palette of contrasting colors creates ideal gazing or photo taking opportunities. I think it’s probably unique in the whole world, which red beach is one of my list recommendation that you have to visit in your life.

The red sand beach, Santorini is classed as being semi-organised that some locals have an unofficial monopoly on hiring out umbrellas and sunbeds to visitors. Make sure you provide yourself with the necessary supplies from the two canteens you can find right before the beginning of the path.

在我心中 Red Beach 是 Santorini 最知名、最美麗的海灘之一。 陡峭的紅色懸崖形成鮮明的對比,令人嘆為觀止,而海洋卻是清澈的,碧藍的海水完美地融合在一起。 這種對比色的調色板創造了理想的凝視或拍照機會。我認為這可能在整個世界都是獨一無二的,所以紅色沙灘是您一生中必須去拜訪的清單之一。

聖托里尼島的紅色沙灘被分類為半組織式,一些當地人在向遊客租用雨傘和日光浴床方面有非官方的壟斷。 確保在路線開始之前就從兩個食堂提供必要的食材。

The way I went to Red Beach.

The way I went to Red Beach from Fira is take a bus. Once you arrived at Fira bus station, you can see the information station that you can ask the staff which bus is your location to go or you can check out the time on the timetable to know when your bus will leave. Also you can see the Santorini’s map on the noticeboard that you can know whee your destination is. Consider that time schedules might change according to the season. 

If your bus gonna leave, the staff will announce once again to make sure nobody gonna come up.

Tip: Since buses don’t always stop in every scheduled stop of their itinerary, our advice to visitors is to inform the driver about their final destination, so that he makes a stop there.

When you transport to get there, you need to walk from the excavations following the sign. Once you reach the place you will see a beautiful white chapel of St. Nicolas against the dark red rocks. From here a wild path starts leading you to the place with a stunning panoramic view of the whole Red Beach and its turquoise blue waters.


我從費拉去紅海灘的方式是坐公共汽車。 到達Fira巴士站後,你會看到問訊台,您可以詢問工作人員你要去哪輛巴士,也可以在時間表上查詢時間,以了解巴士何時發車。 你也可以在佈告欄上看到聖托里尼島的地圖,你可以知道目的地在哪裡。考慮到時間表可能會根據季節而變化。



當你到達那裡時,你需要從標誌後面的發掘步行。 到達該地點後,你會看到美麗的聖尼古拉斯白色小教堂,靠著深紅色的岩石。 從這裡開始,一條蜿蜒的小路將帶領你到達這個地方,欣賞整個紅色海灘及其碧綠海水的壯麗全景。


When you reach the place you will see a beautiful white chapel of St. Nicolas against the dark red rocks. From here a wild path starts leading you to the place with a stunning panoramic view of the whole Red Beach and its turquoise blue waters.

The rocks here are not very stable and there was a rock fall a couple of times. You need to have this in mind both walking along the wild path and staying at the beach. Athletic shoes are recommended if you decide to walk all the way down. 


這裡的岩石不是很穩定,有幾次摔倒了。 你需要牢記這一點,既要沿著荒野小路走,又要呆在海灘上。 如果你決定一路走下去,建議你要穿運動鞋。

Sand with Rocks

The beach itself presents a mixture of the black and dark red sand. If you want to swimming, then you have to walking barefoot on the beach that you will feel hurt as I did. lol 




If you don’t want to rent the sunbeds, I suggest that you should take your blanket. Because it’s presents a mixture of the black and dark red sand (like what I said on top), you will feel hurt when you lie down without blanket.

如果您不想租用日光浴床,我建議您帶上毯子。 因為它混合了黑色和深紅色的沙子(就像我在上面說的那樣),所以當您躺在沒有毯子的情況下躺下會感到受傷。

The boat.

This boat can take you to white beach and black beach.


One of the best sunset I ever seen.

In Santorini, I think there have 2 places where can see the best sunset. You can see in this article : the-best-sunset-i-ever-see-in-greece

Top of red beach. 

If you stand on the top you will set eyes on enormous volcanic rocks situated in the sea, also with sunset. This wonderful palette of contrasting colors will absolutely mesmerize you. To be honest, I took lots of photos in here. lol

如果你站在山頂,你將注視著大海中巨大的火山岩,同時還有日落。 這個奇妙的對比色調色板絕對會讓你著迷。 老實說,我在這裡拍了很多照片。 


My Conclusion.

Red Beach Santorini is very photogenic, you HAVE to add it onto you sightseeing itinerary, but I wouldn’t suggest spending an entire day there.

Because Red Beach is often overvcrowded and the snorkelling can be somewhat spoiled by the catamarans which all seem to arrive together.

My opinion, is that Santorini has far better beaches to enjoy if you are looking to spend a day relaxing, soaking up the sun, and swimming. Or you can spend half day in the Oia and then come to Red Beach for relaxing.

聖托里尼島紅色海灘(Red Beach Santorini)非常上鏡,您必須將其添加到您的觀光行程中,但是我不建議您在這里花一整天。


我的建議是,如果你希望度過一天的放鬆,沐浴陽光和游泳,我認為聖托里尼島的海灘要好得多。 或者,您可以在伊亞(Oia)花半天時間,然後到Red Beach放鬆一下。


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