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Paris is the most fashion city in the world.

Paris is unarguably the fashion capital of the world and  where most of boutique brands come from, that it always the fashion capital of the world with its own halo, which is why French Style is always fascinating. The word “French style” is full of natural romantic charm, and also allows free souls to exude unique charm from the inside out. When it comes to French Style, French Girls have to be said that they never deliberately follow the trend, and often interpret the calm and elegant fashion field with a casual and confident attitude. Therefore, I am going to share some rule what they followed.

巴黎是世界上最時尚的城市,大多數精品品牌也都來自巴黎,巴黎始終是擁有自己光環的世界時尚之都,這就是為什麼法國風情總是令人著迷。 “法國風格”一詞充滿了自然浪漫的魅力,也使自由的靈魂從內而外散發出獨特的魅力。 在談到法式風格時,必須說法國女孩從不刻意順應潮流,並經常以隨意和自信的態度詮釋沉穩而優雅的時尚領域。 因此,我將分享一些遵循的規則。

1. Don't follow the trends

When you follow trends, you become a slave to fashion and its whims.

A french women said ”If you follow trends, you will become a slave to fashion, which you are into fashion, not style and we are the opposite that we’re into style, not fashion.”
French women always know exactly what to buy. Every season of every year, which french style doesn’t waver, it doesn’t change, that is eternal in Coco Chanel’s words. This point is I always emphasizes before. 

10 ways of how to live like a french women of elegance.

I think French women are quite effortless — they know what they like and what they don’t! I think once they have found their style they tend to stick to it. In case, you don’t know how to find your personal style, then you can read some article that I wrote before.

5 step to find your own fashion style.

法國女人總是很清楚該買什麼。 用可可·香奈兒的話說:每年的每個季節,法式風格都不會動搖也不會改變。 我以前一直強調這一點。

我認為法國女性很輕鬆-他們知道自己喜歡什麼和不喜歡什麼! 我認為他們一旦找到自己的風格,他們就會堅持下去。 如果你不知道如何找到自己的個人風格,則可以閱讀我之前寫的一些文章。

2. Don't forget to define your waist

French women always make sure that their figure.

We’re not talking about waist-cinching of the extreme variety, but French women always make sure that their figure is in some way in check—even when wearing loose-fitting clothes. Sometimes you always can see they eat salad to keep their body in fit.

我們並不是在談論極端變化的束腰,但法國女性始終確保自己的身材得到某種程度的控制,即使穿著寬鬆的衣服也是如此。 有時你總能看到他們吃沙拉來保持身材。

3. The ultimate style icon is your mother.

Great style and wardrobe classics never fade.

Do you remember why you love fashion or any beauty things? I guess the part of affected is from your mom. In your childhood, you may think that mom’s clothes is so beautiful, which makes you want to wearing it. Unfortunately you are too young to wear. All I want to say is the ultimate style icon is definitely your mother.​ And you know great style and wardrobe classics never fade, so why can’t you wear them now and in four decades’ time?

Sometimes I will wear my mom’s clothes too.

Outfit : Colorful day of 70th style

你還記得為什麼你會開始喜歡時尚或任何美麗的事物嗎? 我想受影響的部分來自你媽媽。 在你的童年時代,你可能會認為媽媽的衣服太漂亮了,這讓你想穿它。 不幸的是,你太小了,無法穿。 我想說的是,最終的時尚偶像肯定是你的母親。而且,你知道出色的風格和經典的衣櫃永遠都不會褪色,那為什麼你現在不穿這件衣服呢?


4. Subtly using accessories.

Don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry at once.

This rule I always follow it when I dressing up. In every outfit, the french women know they have to make some details, which they will subtly using accessories to make some points. But remember one thing that you can’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry at once, which it any more than that will caused clutters and confuses a go.


5. invest in great outerwear

If you pick an awesome one for yourself, then you can wear it forever.

From the biker jackets to cardigan, blazer to coat, french woman invest a heavy amount of cash into great outerwear. It means that your simple jeans, tees and shirts never have to work hard since the cover-up does all the talking for you. Especially in winter, the outerwear is the item you have to pick it carefully. If you pick an awesome one for yourself, then you can wear it forever. In case you don’t know how to choose the coat, I have wrote some article about it.

5 classical types of coats for women.

To know what kind of coat suit for your body shape.

The secret of choosing a coat material

About the collars, colors and patterns of coat

從機車夾克到針織外套,從西裝外套到大衣,法國女性將大量現金投入到出色的外套中。 這意味著你簡單的牛仔褲,T恤和襯衫無需費勁,因為外套可以滿足你的所有需求。 特別是在冬天,外套是您必須仔細挑選的物品。 如果你為自己挑選一件很棒的外套,那麼他就可以讓你永遠都穿著他。 如果你不知道如何選擇外套,我已經寫了一些有關它的文章。


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