How to maintain my pitch-black hair

Do you have beautiful hair

Do you have beautiful hair?

I believe many girls are eager to have beautiful hair, so that people can notice you from your back. However, having good hair maintenance is not an easy task. It requires you to develop habits every day as your daily facial care do, which you need to take care of it every day as a routine. I often hear many people tell me that he/she likes my hair, so that I’m going to share some tips with you on how did I keep my hair beautiful.


1. Don't use too much Shampoo

Excessive cleansing can reduce or stop the secretion of sebaceous adenosine, even will cause a lack of protection on the scalp, which can affect the gloss of the hair. Try to choose some moisturizing shampoo to reduce the damage.

You can wash your hair twice.

Why ? The first time is to wash off excess oil and dirt first. The second time is to massage the head and deeply wash it and the bubble will be more than the first time. Some people think that there are too few bubbles after washing once, which they will unconsciously increase the amount of shampoo. Also washing once can’t correctly wash off the dirty and oily on hair. Therefore, if you don’t thoroughly clean it, then will causes a burden on the hair. The conclusion is washing your hair twice can not only clean thoroughly, but also increase the interval between shampoo days and reduce the amount of shampoo. I usually wash my hair twice each time.




2. Conditioner is important

If you want to increase the gloss, I suggest you to use conditioner.

Using shampoo is to clean the hair, while haircare is to supplement the hair with nutrients; however, the effect of the conditioner is to make the hair smoother and combable, and to reduce frizz. Especially in today’s environment that full of all kinds of pollution, hair conditioner can put a layer of protective clothing on the hair to protect the hair from being damaged by pollution. I always use the shampoo after washing my hair, but I only apply it to the bottom of my hair and I will leave it for one minute before rinsing.

The Garnier Ultimate Blends.

The brand new Garnier Ultimate Blends hair care range has been an incredibly exciting discovery for me. There is something in this range for every individual hair care need and what I love most about the range is that Garnier has rediscovered natural ingredients that were embraced by ancient civilisations. I using the honey one to as hair treatments that I can ensure what I keep using those tried and tested natural ingredients because the Honey Treasures strength restorer shampoo and conditioner are key at repairing any damage from heat styling and protecting my hair from breakage.


全新的Garnier Ultimate Blends護髮系列對我來說是一個令人難以置信的激動人心的發現。 這個範圍可以滿足每個護髮的需要,而我最喜歡的範圍是卡尼爾(Garnier)重新發現了古代文明所接受的天然成分。 我使用蜂蜜一號作為頭髮護理劑,可以確保我繼續使用那些經過檢驗和測試的天然成分,因為“蜂蜜寶”強度恢復香波和護髮素是修復因熱定型造成的任何傷害並保護我的頭髮免於斷裂的關鍵。

3. Don't forget the hair oil

Unlike hair conditioner, the hair oil only need a few drops to show an effect. If the amount is too much to exceed the load that the hair can absorb, it will make the hair wet and sticky. You have to applying the oil evenly to all the hair. If you are a person who have longer hair or the hair ends is easy become dry, then I recommend to strengthen the application at the ends of the hair to make the hair softer.

This Moroccan hair oil, I believe everyone is familiar with him, however, I use it for my first hair care before I blow dry my hair. The hair will be affected by high temperature when I blow dry it, and then easily become frizzy, which I will use this hair oil to nourish my hair.



This one is my favorite.

This Nuxe oil is my favorite and also it’s the no.1 skincare oil in France has been adored by french for years, thanks to its natural formula, nourishing texture and unparalleled fragrance. Containing precious botanical oils and enriched with Vitamin E, its unique ‘dry-oil’ formula quickly absorbs into the skin and hair, which you can use it to beautify, repair and nourish the skin, face and body. Usually I will use it after I blow dry my hair, which it’s my second hair care to restore and improve the suppleness of hair

這個 Nuxe油 是我的最愛,也是法國第一的護膚油,是很多法國女生都會用的一款護膚油,由於其天然配方,滋養質地和無與倫比的芬芳,法國人多年來一直對此贊不絕口。 它獨特的“乾油”配方含有珍貴的植物油並富含維生素E,可迅速吸收到皮膚和頭髮中,可用於美化,修復和滋養皮膚,面部和身體。 通常,在乾髮後我會使用它,作為第二道護髮來恢復和改善頭髮的柔軟度。

4. Turn the hair dryer down of the temperature

The High temperature is one of the causes of dry hair and frizzy hair.

The High temperature is one of the causes of dry hair and frizzy hair. Before styling, you should not only apply protective cream, but also avoid frequent use of hair dryers, ion clips, and electric rod rolls to styling hair.


高溫是頭髮乾燥和捲曲的原因之一。 做造型之前,你不僅應塗抹防護霜,還應避免頻繁使用吹風機,離子夾和電棒卷來造型頭髮。

5.Scalp massage

Scalp massage and relax.

Every time we step into the hair salon, the clerk will usually massage our scalp when we wash our hair. In addition to making people feel comfortable and relaxed, actually massage can also help the scalp’s blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. So, you can massage your head at home and relax.



I’m sure I do lot of hair care on my hair, that I’m ready to impressed very one. Have you do anything hair care at daily ? and which product is your favorite? If you have any good product that you think is fantastic, I will very happy that you share with me.

我敢肯定,我的頭髮確實做了很多護髮,我已經準備給人留下深刻的第一印象。 你每天有做任何頭髮護理嗎? 你最喜歡哪種產品? 如果你有任何你認為很棒的好產品,我會很高興你與我分享。


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