Outfit : It’s Coat Time!

Outfit : It’s Coat Time!

It's Coat Time

Finally it’s come to the winter that I can wear my lovely coat!

For many girl, winter might be one of the most challenging seasons to consistently wear winter outfits, which are both weather appropriate and figure flattering, but for me it’s not, that I finally can wear my favorite coat. 

When the primary motivation is keeping warm while facing dreary days, the temptation is there to simply throw on as many pieces as possible, which you may think it going to sacrifice aesthetically pleasing looks, but actually you can use simple planning to keep you both warm and stylish.



The details & How do I dressing up:

This outfit is all black style inside, the dress that I was wearing inside is a tight-fitting dress that I wear it in summer and then I matching it with a V-line sweater outside. However, I want this outfit is charming, which I was wearing the-over-knee booties that I can show a little bit leg and also keep my leg warm. In the end, the long coat to make my looks more powerful.

Oh !!! and don’t forget the stipulate of all black style, which I wearing the silver choker and pearl earring that makes my outfit perfect.

5 tips that you should know when you wearing all-black style.


這件衣服的內部全是黑色風格,我穿的衣服是夏天穿的緊身連衣裙,然後再搭配V領毛衣。 我希望這套穿搭很迷人,所以我搭配過膝靴,除了可以露出一點腿之外,我還可以讓我的腳保持溫暖。 最後,搭配大衣就輕鬆完成穿搭。

哦! 千萬不要忘了全黑風格的規定,所以我戴了銀色的頸鏈和珍珠耳環,這使我的服裝更加完美。


Sunglasses : GentleMonster

Earrings : Émffei

Bag : Fendi

Over-Knee-Boots : Zara

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