Outfit / office style : crop top suit

Autumn is coming

Have you worked out how to wear a crop top yet? The shrunken style has been going strong for many a summer season, actually it’s not only in summer, but also in fall and winter. However, there are still girls out there who understandably feel anxious over the rumoured pitfalls, which abs of steel are an essential prerequisite for styling out. Literally that’s not true, which you still can wear crop top, even you don’t have abs, just like me.

Outfit : Cropped blazer is in.

你知道該如何穿短版上衣嗎? 在許多夏季,短版的樣式一直很流行,實際上不僅在夏季,在秋季和冬季也是如此。 但是,仍然有一些女孩對傳聞的陷阱可能會感到焦慮,這是可以理解的,也就是腹肌是進行造型的必要先決條件。 從字面上看,這是不對的,就像我一樣,即使你沒有腹肌,也可以穿上衣。

The details & How do I dressing up:

I really love it when I first sight at this blue crop top suit, as you can see that its design is very incredible, which I can show my waist-line and a part of my back.

However, this is office style, which I wearing the high-waist suit pants with a little bit flare style to match this crop top suit.





Sunglasses : GentleMonster

Earrings : Émffei

Top : Émffei

Shoes : Adidas

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