Runway – Celine FW Ready to Wear 2020-21

Celine-Ready to wear

Originally a custom shoe shop founded in 1945, Celine has grown into one of the fashion world’s most reputed brands, delivering luxe sportswear with a stripped-down sophistication.

As you can see in this collection that designer Hedi Slimane has quite literally built his career in fashion on a specific — very specific, even — body type: at Dior Homme, then Saint Laurent and now at Celine, which he apparently will not quit his penchant for seemingly no larger than size-2 men and women to populate his shows. 

But in Fendi where other designers have at least moved on from the super, uber skinny models which once dominated fashion to embrace models with curves and even older models with wrinkles.

Runway- FW 2020 FENDI in MILAN



從這個系列中可以看出,設計師Hedi Slimane確實將自己的時裝事業建立在特定的體型上:從在Dior Homme,然後是Saint Laurent,到現在的Celine,他顯然不會放棄他的時裝。需要像竹竿般的男裝和女裝來吸引他的表演。


Hedi Slimane’s passion for the dress codes of the Parisian bourgeoisie of the 1970s continued unabated into fall 2020. Slimane was born in 1968, the momentous year of the uprising of French young people against the government, and was too young to have participated, but he would have seen the style of the ’70s through the observant eyes of a young teenager. Also he have seen what did his mother wear when Slimane was growing up in Paris.

And now I am going to share some point that I got in this show.



-Butterfly collar flounced shirt


-Black bowler hat

-The metallic necklace


Hedi Slimane 對1970年代巴黎資產階級的著裝要求的熱情一直沒有減弱,直到2020年秋。Slimane 出生於1968年,當時法國年輕人起義反對政府,這一年太年輕了,無法參加。會通過一個年輕少年的敏銳眼光看到70年代的風格。此外,他還了解了媽媽在他長大時的穿著。



What the super-skinny boys with their dandy rock-star coats, suits, black jeans, and black leathers were wearing is available for girls, too. However, boys was wearing identical silk and chiffon foulard blouses to the ones that many of the girls had on.



I think Scarf is the way that you can show your elegant. No matter it’s for man or women.


Butterfly collar flounced shirt

I really love this butterfly collar flounced shirt design, which is very classical, just reminds me the 70’s style. However, Slimane just show you that the flounced shirt is not only the girls can wear, but also the boys.



Since I saw the LUREX dress show up in this show, I know its gonna come back for the party. I clearly know LUREX dress is your best choose for the party.


Black bowler hat

The black bowler hat is always one of my favorite hat, especially in the winter. I think that is an index of winter.



I think Scarf is the way that you can show your elegant. No matter it’s for man or women.


Metallic Necklace

The double metallic necklace is still get some points on this season.


My favorite top 5

Honestly, it’s really hard to find the top 5 on this show, Because I love it all, including the men wear. The most important detail for me, is the butterfly collar on this show, which is you can image that you took the time machine to back in 18th century and you’re the one of royal family.

However, This season there were glinting, gorgeous highlights: gold-encrusted tunics over pants; velvet maxiskirts embroidered with gold and silver leaves; and a really sensational trio of slim, simple evening dresses. And for boys? Everything to fulfill every fantasy of rock-star glamour which I guess is the dream Slimane has been making come true his whole career.

老實說,在這場秀中很難找到我的前五名,因為我喜歡每一套的搭配及細節,包括男裝。 對我來說,最重要的細節是蝴蝶領,你可以想像一下,你使用時光機可以追溯到18世紀,而你是皇室家族中的一員。

然而,這一季有一些閃閃發光的亮點:褲子上鑲有金色的外衣; 繡有金銀葉子的天鵝絨長裙; 還有一件非常誘人的三件套修身簡約晚禮服。 對於男孩呢? 滿足搖滾明星魅力每一個幻想的一切,我想這是Slimane整個職業生涯都實現的夢想。


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