Runway – Max Mara FW Ready to Wear 2020-21


I think Max Mara has always been one of the leader of Milan Fashion Week, which it is the most popular among working women. In this show, Max Mara totally show you how to wear different style at the day, that you can wear it to the work and you can date at night to show the charming side. Therefore, Max Mara showed the existing elegant tailoring on this season. In addition to the wild models of basic dresses, there are also sexy elements with hidden ingenuity.

我認為 Max Mara 一直是米蘭時裝週的領導者之一,是上班族中最受歡迎的一個。在這次的秀裡,Max Mara完全地向我們展示出如何在一整天可以穿著不同風格的衣服,你可以在工作中穿著它,而晚上約會又可以展現迷人的一面。因此,Max Mara 在本季展示了現有的優雅剪裁。除了基本款的百搭款式外,還有一些隱藏著機巧的性感元素。

Speaking shortly before Kaia Gerber cast off to lead the cast down his decking runway, house captain Ian Griffiths charted the course ahead: “I was imagining the Max Mara woman sitting at her desk to face the humdrum office and dreaming of running away to sea for adventure and even love. So it’s a romantic journey across the seascape that begins in Morocco and goes north to Russia.”

So now I am going to share some point that I got in this show.

-Clock Coat 


-Cord Belt

-brown color

-Camel color

-Classical Coat

-Teddy Bear Coat


-Sexy Details


在 Kaia Gerber 下崗前,leader 伊恩·格里菲斯 Ian Griffiths 表示未來的方向時說:“我想像穿著 Max Mara 的女人坐在她的桌子旁,面對著單調乏味的辦公室,卻夢想著奔跑出海探險。因此,這是一場穿越摩洛哥的浪漫之旅,始於摩洛哥,再北至俄羅斯。”


Clock Coat

I know the clock coat is gonna back in this year when the first model Clock Coat come out. 



The flounce just show up on different part of clothe, such like in skirt and sleeves, for showing feminine femininity in suit.


Cord Belt

As same as the Fendi, you will know how important the belt is. But it’s a little bit different than Fendi, which the belt of Max Mara using is cord belt. 

和Fendi一樣,看到這場秀,你就會知道皮帶有多重要了。 但跟芬迪 Fendi 有點不同的是Max Mara 使用的皮帶是繩帶。


Black is always the main color of winter, the brown is same as the black, but in here you can see brown is totally insane, that is crazy beautiful. The leather coat, CoachJacket, the dress etc, are amazing! To be honest, I am not usually wear brown clothes, but now I would like to try brown color.

黑色始終是冬天的主要顏色,而棕色也差不多,但是在這裡您可以看到棕色完全是瘋狂的,那是瘋狂的美麗。 皮大衣,CoachJacket,連衣裙等,都很棒!老實說,我並不常穿咖啡色的衣服,但現在看到這場秀,我一定要來試試咖啡色的衣服啊!

Camel color

If you are a minimalist, you must love camel color; however, the camel color is the second popular color that you can see in coat. In Max Mara I think the camel color is the first popular in coat.

如果你是一位極簡主義者,那麼你一定喜歡駱駝色; 而且,駱駝色是你在大衣中,除了黑色以外,駝色絕對是第二個流行色。 在 Max Mara 中,我認為駱駝色是外套中的第一種流行顏色。

Classical Coat

Speaking of Max Mara, you definitely will think about coat first, which the classical coat is the most important item in Max Mara. No matter is duffle coat or the H-shaped coat, that it’s so classical.

說到Max Mara,你一定會先想到外套,而經典外套是Max Mara中最重要的項目。 無論是牛角扣大衣還是H型大衣,它都非常經典。

teddy bear coat

If you wanna be cute a little bit in winter, then you should try teddy bear coat. The fuzzy, body-enveloping coats were one of the biggest outerwear trends for Fall and Winter, and what better way to try out the trend than with a teddy coat?



The stripes are no longer a trend, they are a style stable. Much like a striped shirt, a striped dress, a striped coat is an easy classic that literally everyone can wear.

條紋不再是趨勢,它們是樣式穩定的。 就像條紋襯衫,條紋連衣裙,條紋外套一樣,這是每個人都可以穿的簡單經典。

Sexy details.

As what I said in the beginning, Max Mara want every women to wear different style at a day, which you can see some sexy details in this show.

就像我在開始時所說的那樣,Max Mara希望每位女士每天都穿著不同的款式,所以你可以在這場時裝秀中看到一些性感的細節。

My favorite top 5

As a minimalist, I love simple, classical and details. In this show you can see lots of those element. 

A variety of silhouettes on the catwalk and a new way of mixing the iconic colours of Max Mara, camel, grey, white and, naturally, navy blue. Which one is your favorite?

作為極簡主義者,我喜歡簡單,古典和細節。 在此節目中,你可以看到這些元素在其中。

時裝秀上的各種剪影,以及一種將 Max Mara的駱駝,灰色,白色和自然的海軍藍色的標誌性色彩混合在一起的新方式。 哪一個是你的最愛?


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