[ Attraction ]The way go to the top of cathedrale notre dame de paris

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris is the one of my favor spot in Paris.

  “Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris” is on the île de la Cité in Paris and also is free open to everyone which all visitors can see the spectacular church inside that is the reason why the Notre Dame has become one of the must-see attractions of Paris.

          Notre Dame is build in 1163, being the religious center of Paris, his long history has witnessed many historical events, such as the honorary trial of Joan of Arc, the coronation ceremony of Henry VI and Napoleon I, etc… which is the heart of Paris

          It is also the source of the theme of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, a well-known French writer, Hugo.

“CathédraleNotre Dame de Paris”位於巴黎的 île de la Cité,並向所有人免費開放,所有遊客都可以看到內部壯觀的教堂,這就是為什麼巴黎圣母院已成為巴黎必看景點之一的原因。 巴黎聖母院始建於1163年,是巴黎的宗教中心,其悠久的歷史見證了許多歷史事件,例如聖女貞德的名譽審判,亨利六世和拿破崙一世的加冕典禮等……這是巴黎的心臟 巴黎。它也是法國著名作家雨果(Hugo)的《 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame》主題的來源。

The whole building belongs to the “Gothic architectural form”

          It has a long history and was greatly damaged during the French Revolution in the 19th century; however, it is renovated by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc completely.

          Nowadays is Become the most masterpieces church in the world. Inside of the church you can see a lot of elements are reinterpreted by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, such as Gargoyle.

整個建築屬於“哥特式建築形式” 。它歷史悠久,在19世紀的法國大革命期間遭到嚴重破壞。 但是,它是由 Eugène Viollet-le-Duc 完全翻修的。如今已成為世界上最傑作的教堂。 在教堂內部,您可以看到 Eugène Viollet-le-Duc 重新詮釋了很多元素,例如石像鬼。

Looking at the church from the rear, you can see the pointed rib vault, it’s totally different from the front. No matter which side you look at Notre Dame, I believe you will be shocked by his majestic appearance and meticulous details just like me.



  Now there have too much people visiting the Notre Dame that if you want to go to the top, getting line up is not the way can go, which you have to make an online appointment before you go. Therefore, I gonna share the way how to make an online appointment.

現在有太多的人來巴黎聖母院參觀,如果你想登頂,那麼排隊並不是唯一的辦法,你必須在出發前進行網上預約。 因此,在這邊我要分享我如何進行在線預約。

Step 1, you have to download this app : JeFile.

Step 2, open the app, you will see the screenshots that I made in the right picture; however, choose the second selection. (Step 3)


步驟2,打開應用程序,可以看到右邊的照片; 然而,選擇第二個選項。 (步驟3)

Note : you can choose the time of the visit from every 7 am. 

Be careful, you only can make an appointment on the same day! means you cannot make an appointment the day before.

I suggest that you should do it in the morning. Because it’s easy to full in the afternoon. Like my experience, this was full when I opened the app around two in the afternoon.

After you make an appointment, it will show the time you should wait and how many people before you as well. 

By 20 minutes, the app will shake you to remind you.

注意:你可以從每7點開始選擇訪問時間。 請注意,你只能在當天預約! 表示您無法在前一天預約。我建議你應該早上7點就可以打開app預約。 因為下午很容易預約不到。 就像我的經驗一樣,當我下午兩點左右打開應用程序時,就已經滿了。


Before 10 minutes

The APP screen will be converted to the status of the QR code so that the staff scans you to enter. I suggest you arrive before 10 minutes when the time is up.

why? because one time, I have arrived 2-3 minutes before the time, the QR code is disappear which means I have to book appointment again.  

If your situation as bad as mine, you have to try another day. Because the app will show the number of queues is full and the appointment is not accepted when you open it.

在時間抵達的前10分鐘,APP屏幕將轉換為QR碼狀態,以便工作人員掃描您輸入。 我建議你在10分鐘之前到達。為什麼? 因為有一次,我早於時間2-3分鐘到達,QR碼消失了,這意味著我不得不再次預約。如果你的情況和我的一樣糟糕,則必須改天在預約了。 因為該應用程序會顯示隊列數已滿,而且打開它時,他不再接受預約。

Jefile app download

After going upstairs, you will first arrive at floor of the ticket office also is the place where the souvenirs are sold.

On the right is the entrance to the ticket office, and the left is an entrance surrounded by a chain that is the way you can go to the top.



Remember, if you wanna buy some souvenirs, you have to buy it in here. Because there will be no more places to sell souvenirs when you leave. Some of people will sit on the chair to wait for the next entrance open.

請記住,如果你想購買一些紀念品,則必須在這裡購買。 因為當你離開時,將不再有出售紀念品的地方。有些人會坐在旁邊的椅子上,等待下一個入口打開。

After about ten minutes, there will be a lady helping you to tear up the ticket on the right hand side of the entrance.


And then keep climbing the stairs.

It is said that there are 387 stairs to the summit!


Before you arrive the top, you will pass through the “Monster Corridor” first which you will see many stone ghosts in here.

When I see this view, I feel it’s worth that I climbed those stairs to came there in this moments.

在到達山頂之前,你需要先穿過“ Monster Corridor”,在這裡你將看到許多石鬼。


the left is entrance, the right one is export

*地址 / Address:6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris

*票價 / Ticket:教堂免費參觀 church is free

*官網 / website:http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/

*教堂開放時間 / time: 08:00 – 18:30

*登塔開放時間 / the time of top:

                                                         Apr  June 10:00 – 18:30

                                                         July  Aug 10:00  23:00   

                                                         Oct – Mar 10:00 – 17:30

*登塔票價 / the ticket of top:10   

歐盟簽證25歲以下免費 below of 25 years old have  EU visa is free

*鄰近地鐵站 / metro:四號地鐵 Cite 站 metro station Cite of line number


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