Your guide to fall 2020’s trends of office.

Your guide to fall 2020’s trends of office.

Fall is coming

Time flies, it’s come to the fall, which is the time that the end of summer. For me, it has always been one of the most exciting times of the year, as you may know I am obsessed with fall and winter, which I am happy that the day of sweating is gonna gone. Nevertheless, soaking up the final days of blissful sunshine and shorts-wearing temperatures always feels nostalgic, and the first taste of the feeling of fall in the air is like the start of a whole new beginning. And now I am going to share with you some tips that you may consider it when you’re matching your outfit of office.

時間飛逝,到了秋天,這是夏天結束的時間。 對我來說,這一直是一年中最激動人心的時刻之一,你可能知道我迷戀秋冬季節,我很高興出汗的日子已經過去了。 然而,沉浸在幸福的陽光和穿著短褲的溫度的最後日子總是讓人懷舊,而空氣中墜落感的初嘗就像是一個全新的開始。現在,我將與您分享一些技巧,你可以在搭配 office 的穿搭時考慮一下。

1. Bright Pop Color Suits

Stop to wearing the boring suit, it’s time to make a statement from the office to drinks with your friends in a bright suit. I know lots of people always wearing black, gray, white suit, but these pops of color brighten everyone’s day and elevate your wardrobe instantly, which you should try it in fall. Rather than go for traditional shades, try your hand at something loud, such as blue or red. Find a hue that best suits your skin tone and rock it in its entirety.

In the end, you can add accessories like a bold clutch bag and a pair of funky heels, which it’s a versatile option that allows you to stand out amongst the crowd.

If you don’t know how to wear the heels, you can match the white sneaker. just like me. lol However, if you’re going to the office like usual and you have a lot of thing that you need to take it, then you can carry a  tote bag like most of french woman will carry it.

別再穿無聊的西裝了,是時候在辦公室發表聲明,與明亮的西裝和朋友喝酒了。 我知道很多人總是穿著黑色、灰色、白色西裝,然而這些流行的色彩使每個人的一天變亮,並瞬間提升了你的衣櫥,所以你應該在秋天嘗試一下。 與其嘗試使用傳統的陰影,不如嘗試將手放在大聲的地方,例如藍色或紅色。 找到最適合你膚色的色調,並對其進行整體搖擺。


如果你不知道如何穿高跟鞋,可以搭配白色運動鞋。 就像我一樣haha。然而,如果您像往常一樣去辦公室,並且需要攜帶很多東西,那麼你可以像大多數法國女人一樣攜帶手提袋。

2. trench coat

Speaking of fall, I believe you will think about Trench Coat in the first moment.

As the story goes, the trench coat was invented for the soldiers of WWI as a kind of weather-resistant replacement for the heavy wool jackets that were too bulky for the day’s trench warfare. For now on, trench coats are built to withstand weather, designed to walk the runways, which it’s the best item that you will wear in fall.


傳說中,風衣是為第一次世界大戰的士兵發明的,是一種耐風雨的替代品,用來代替笨重的羊毛外套,因為笨重的羊毛外套對於當日的作戰而言過於龐大。 到目前為止,風衣是為抵禦天氣而設計的,旨在沿著跑道行走,這是秋天最好穿的衣服。

3. Leather Coats

Leather coats always classical in Fall.

Let the freezing weather reign while you rock a leather coat. This faux leather outerwear is a classic and understated option for the colder months but remains on-trend this season.


晃動皮革外套時,讓寒冷的天氣盛行。 這款人造皮革外套在寒冷的月份是經典且低調的選擇,但本季仍處於流行趨勢。

In the long leather coat style, you can wear it with a pair of slimline trousers or a mini skirt. And me, I was wearing a dress. If you want to create your own style, then you can even tie the waist in and create a leather dress.

在長款皮大衣風格中,你可以搭配一條修身長褲或迷你裙來搭配。 而我穿著連身裙來搭配他。 如果您想創造自己的風格,那麼甚至可以係緊腰部並打造皮裙。

4. Wide Leg Trousers Tucked into Boots

Mixing and matching new styles is a great way to discover something new, and that’s what this latest trend does. Tucking your straight leg trousers into boots puts a funky spin on the classic outfit, and adds a subtle punk twist to your ensemble. 

混合和匹配新樣式是發現新事物的好方法,這就是最新趨勢。 將直腿長褲塞入靴子中,可為經典服裝帶來時髦感,為你的穿搭增添一些的帥氣風格。

5. Chain Necklaces Worn with Hoop Earrings

When it comes to accessorizing, sometimes you have to remember one rule that is keep it simple. This season, you should add a chic chain necklace with a pair of stunning hoops. These classic jewelry options are timeless in design and work with every type of outfit. Opt for gold or silver for a traditional feel, or inject a little color into your outfit with a statement piece

當說到飾品時,你必須記住一個規則:保持簡單。 這個季節,您應該添加一條時尚的鍊式項鍊和一對精美的鐵環。 這些經典的珠寶選擇在設計上歷久彌新,可與各種服裝搭配使用。 選擇金色或銀色以獲得傳統感覺,或者通過個性宣言為你的衣服注入一點色彩


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